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LMC Media Group designs high school recruitment pages for college coaches to preview.  Get your high school athlete noticed for collegiate athletic scholarships!
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Colleges across the nation are looking for gifted athletes every year to fill their prospective sports programs.  Is your athlete getting noticed?  It is important for you as an athlete to get your name in front of a college coach so that they are at the least aware of you. Some Division I college programs start with a database of athletes that contains over 5,000 prospective players. If you get a form letter from the big school in your state, keep in perspective that you may be one of thousands of athletes receiving the exact same thing. It is important for the athlete to stand out and college coaches be able to see the athlete easily.  In addition, NCAA guidelines may prohibit college coaches from contacting the athlete directly.  NCAA rules prohibit universities from corresponding with student-athletes that have not yet entered their JUNIOR year. Most colleges ask that you send them an email stating your interest in their schools.  A high school athlete profile and highlight video online might be the easiest and simpliest way for that coach to see the athlete up close and personal. A simple link within that email directing the coach to a website that contains stats and highlight videos of the athlete is very powerful.
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