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LMC Media Group was established back in 2008 after being killed in costs associated with Web Design for it’s Real Estate Projects.  Website designers and web hosting companies were at that time on top of the market and if you had no idea on what a website would cost to build, you were to about to get some really high quotes and in some instances, really high bills.  Designers were charging up to $300 per hour for certain web design and specialty items.  There were websites being created than ran over $15,000 to get up and running.  Once you got over the design cost shock, next came the SEO and specific social media outlets for obtaining google ranking and analytics numbers, and if you did not understand that, there you go again with the high quotes and bills. Those numbers are just “crazy”. LMC Media Group’s founder and CEO, was determined to reduce the costs associated with not only his personal web and internet costs, but due to being responsible for others’ websites and marketing plans, saw a way other professionals could benefit from targeting a cost unlike other web designers.  Not everyone in the business world needs a website that costs runs in the tens of thousands. LMC Media Group can provide cost effective methods to the design of web data and website design services and provide hosting plans suitable to most small business owner’s checkbooks.  LMC Media can provide these services without the extreme costs of starting completely from scratch from a web engineer.  What everyone fails to recognize is really all you need is a platform to work off of, and while a website build is very time consuming and very detailed, as long as the basis is there to begin with, LMC Media can share those costs savings for the consumer. LMC Media Group encourages you to try us out.  Your particular website design is about you and your business, we make it our business to figure how to get it done in a cost effective manner to fit your budgets.  
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“LMC Media Group evolved out of the need to supply great looking websites at a price that small business professionals could stomach”




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